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Computer Lab Management Regulation under the Campus Network of Guizhou Radio & TV University

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1. The national security-related laws and regulations must be abided by, as well as those regulations issued by Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute. All the relevant documents can be downloaded from the school website;

2. All Internet behaviors through the export of computer network in school campus must obey the management and supervision;   fixed management personnel must be appointed for each computer lab, whose name-list and contact information must be submitted.

3. Only after the designated anti-virus software (Symantec) is installed can users have Internet access.

4. Computer labs are allocated in accordance with the network segment assigned by the network center. All computers are arranged according to a certain rule or regulation for troubleshooting.

5. Proxy servers are installed in the computer lab; Internet behaviors are to be regulated; filtering software is to be installed or set.

6. Installation of certain download tools are banned such as BT, E-mule and etc.

7. Contact the network center when malfunction occurs. Any changes to the connection or network configuration without permission are strictly forbidden.

8. Any Internet behaviors of students must be under the guidance and supervision of teachers and the management personnel in order to ensure that students won’t browse, produce or transmit harmful information. Computer-use records including students’ ID cards, valid ID card and real name registration are to be kept for at least 60 days.

9. Everyday management of the computer lab must be supervised by its upper level; and network security checks are to be done from time to time.

The provisions above are to ensure a stable, safe and smooth operation of the campus network. Any violations of them will lead to a cutoff of the network by the school network center, which, with its own rights and obligations, requires the rectification within a time limit. The restoring is done only after passing the check.

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