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Guizhou Radio & TV University Internet Site Management Regulations

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   The regulations below are hereby formulated in order to strengthen the management of the campus Internet sites, promote the healthy development of online activities, and protect the network sites and online user's legitimate rights and interests:

    1. All the campus Internet computer rooms and their computer for open and common use , strictly abiding by Guizhou Radio & TV University Internet Site Management Regulations, can only access the school campus network with a unified campus network exports, which must be under the campus network management;

    2. All campus Internet sites or computer rooms are just for school's faculty, registered students, including those visiting scholars and those continuing learning students;

    3. All the online sites or computer rooms must have special management personnel, who must conduct strict management and supervision of the Internet order room and the  Internet  content, while eliminating network or computer problems;


    4. A series of regulations must be formulated including: Internet users requirements, registration system, security administrator work system, technicians work system, Internet information registration review system, computer accidents and cases report system, and record submission system. All these must be posted and strictly enforced.

   The above provisions must be strictly executed. The school relevant departments will check regularly and punish any violators according to laws and regulations.

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