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Admission Prospectus for International Students

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I. College Overview

Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute is a comprehensive higher vocationalcollege initiatedby thePeople’s Government of Guizhou Province. In 2012, it passedtheevaluationof Guizhou Provincial Education Departmentand became a provincial demonstrativehigher vocational college.

Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute is located at No.3 Yuntan South Road, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou. Covering a total area of 485 mu and a building area of nearly 200,000 square meters, Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute, the new ecological green campus, owns adequate facilities, advanced equipments and excellent surroundings. With superior teaching conditions and abundant high-quality teaching staff, the college now has an enrollment of students on nearly 40 majors derived from seven departments: the Department of Information Technology, Department of Engineering Technology, Department of Energy Engineering, Department of Economics & Management, Department of Commerce & Trade, Department of Arts, Department for Common and Elementary Courses.

The college also undertakes the task on the recruitment, teaching and management of overseas students and the students from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Besides offering various advanced language study classes, Chinese training classes, Chinese Culture Summer Camp and Winter Camp, we also recruit degree students who meet relevant requirements of our college. The college provides separate teaching building and well-equipped apartment for international students, which creates a good environment for their study and life on campus.

All who are in good health and interested in Chinese and Chinese culture, and willing to abide by Chinese law and regulations of Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute are welcome to apply for study in our institute. The applicants who apply for Advanced Language Study Program should be in the bracket of 16 years old to 60. Those who are about to apply for Degree Program should be at least a senior high school graduate.

II. Majors and Courses

1.     Non-degree Program

(1)    Advanced Language Study Program: The advanced language courses at different levels are offered to students, which aims to improve students’ Chinese communication skills and examination-oriented ability on HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi). The main courses include:

Preliminary Chinese Courses: Basic Chinese Speaking, Basic Chinese Listening, Basic Chinese Reading and Writing

Elementary Chinese Training Courses:Chinese Phonetics, Elementary Chinese Listening and Conversation, Elementary Chinese Reading and Writing

Intermediate Chinese Training Courses:Intermediate Chinese Listening and Speaking, Intermediate Chinese Reading, Intermediate Chinese Writing, Intermediate Chinese Intensive Reading

Advanced Chinese Training Courses:Advanced Chinese Listening and Speaking, Advanced Spoken Chinese, Journalistic Chinese Reading, Advanced Chinese Writing, Advanced Chinese Intensive Reading

Elective Courses: HSK Test Training, Comparison of Chinese and Foreign Culture, Foreign Trade Oral Chinese, Foreign Trade Chinese Writing, Chinese Computer Application, Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literary Works, Modern Chinese Grammar, Modern Chinese Characters, Chinese Lexicology, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Prose, Ancient Poetry Appreciation, Chinese History and Geography, Chinese Kung Fu, Health Qigong, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Songs, etc.

Lectures: Chinese Culture, Chinese History, Chinese Economy, Chinese Painting, Chinese National Music, Chinese Culinary Arts, etc.

(2)    Program for all kinds of training classes: Chinese Language Learning, Short-term Chinese Painting Training, Chinese Cultural Tourism, etc. We also offer other professional or comprehensive short-term training classes; the courses can be tailored to meet the unique needs of consignor.

2.     Degree Program—Junior College

We also recruit international students for their degree study in departments. All who passed Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) and reached the corresponding grade and fulfilled our admission requirements can apply to study for Junior College degree in corresponding departments. (For details seeMajorsbelow)

III. Study Period and Majors

1.     Study period

(1)    Non-degree program:

Advance language study program: lasts 1 or 2 years, students enter in March or September

Program for all kinds of training classes:for long-term training class (for preliminary, elementary, intermediate, advanced level), students study at least 6 months, and enter in March or September; for short-term training class, we accept group application only. The class could not be opened unless there are more than 8 applicants. The study period can be adjusted upon the requirements of applicants.

(2)    Degree program:

Students enter in September every year and study for three years.

2.     Majors and Tuition Fees (see table below)

1.     Tuition fees

(1)    Entry fee: 200 RMB per person

(2)    Registration fee: 150 RMB per term

(3)    Accommodation fee:

The Foreign Students Apartment is well-equipped and owns a beautiful environment and convenient transportation. (See fees below.)

Foreign Student BuildingRMB/Month/Person

Room with 4 beds


Double Room


Single Room


   Facilities available: The room with 4 beds is an ordinary students’ dormitory, equipped with water heater and toilet; Double room and Single room are equipped with TV, Internet access, electric warmer, water heater and toilet. Each floor has laundry. Water and electricity costs are not included in the room rate and must be paid by students themselves.

(4)    Majors (see table below)

Majors for Degree Students




Study Directions



Engineering Technology

Architectural Engineering Technology




Engineering Cost Management




Mechanical Manufacture Automation

Numerical Control



Interior Design Technology




Economics & Management





Tourism Management




Hotel Management




Business Management




Foreign Tourism




Energy Engineering

Coal Mining Technology




Coal Mining Technology




Coal Mining Technology

Mine Electromechanical



Coal Mining Technology

Mine Ventilation and Safety



Commerce and Trade

Marketing Management




Electronic Commerce




Logistics Management




Business English

International Trade and International Business Documents



Property Management

Building Automation



Legal Affairs




Information Technology

Computer Network Technology

Network Security and Storage



Computer Network Technology

Website Construction and Network Marketing



Computer Multi-media Technology

Architectural Decoration Design



Computer Multi-media Technology

Graphic Design



Software Technology

Financial Computerization



Software Technology

Software Development and Project Management



Communication Technology




Traffic Safety and Intelligent Control





Art Design




Music Performance




Advertisements and Exhibition




Basic Teaching

Community Management and Service




 IV. Application Materials Required

1.     Fill inGuizhou Vocational Technology Institute Application Form for Foreign Studentsand send it by post or E-mail. (original and copy)

2.     The following documents are enclosed with your application form:

(1)   a resume and a Chinese translation in duplicate

(2)   the certificate of highest education and a Chinese translation with a duplicate copy

(3) a photocopy ofForeigner Physical Examination Form

(4) the valid passport with a duplicate copy

Note: All materials mentioned above should be sent to the Foreign Affairs Office of Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute by post or E-mail.

V. Visa Application, Physical Examination and Residence in China

  1. The applicants who have been admitted should apply to China Embassy or Consulate for study in China (X) or (F) visa by providing their ordinary passport as well asAdmission Letter,Visa Application Form for Foreigner Students Studying Abroad in ChinaandForeigner Physical Examination Record.All materials mentioned above should be original documents and students should maintain them for entry into China.

 2. After registration, the applicants should go tothe local health and quarantine departments for physical examination review procedureswith their passport andForeigner Physical Examination Recordthe original.

 3. Within 30 days from the date of entry, the applicants should go to the local Public Security Department for residence permit with the passport as well asAdmission Letter, Visa Application Form for Foreign Students studying Abroad in ChinaandForeigner Physical Examination Record,

VI.Contact Information

Address: Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute, No.3 Yuntan South Rd, Guanshanhu District, Guiyang, Guizhou Province, 550023, the People’s Republic of China.

Contacts: Li Yuebo(Tel:+86-13809400379), Chen Lina(Tel: +86-13984943912), He Bin(Tel: +86-13985140686)

Office Tel: +86-851-4129705/4827371/4129708

Fax: +86-851-6839464





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