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International Students Class Meetings Hold Online

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      On the afternoon of April 8th, the International College organized an online class meeting for all international students. Chen Lina, the Vice Dean of the College, and the teachers of Chinese as a foreign language attended the class meeting.

      The class meeting mainly focuses on three aspects: First is to promote the knowledge of epidemic prevention and how to keep ourselves safely and healthy for students; Second, give feedback on students' recent course attendance and put forward relevant requirements; The third is to understand students' current difficulties and problems in life and study, and answer relevant questions and give corresponding opinions and suggestions.

    This class meeting strengthened the communication between the teachers and the foreign students. The teacher's explanation and answer also made the foreign students who can not to return to school feel secure and stable, and can feel the school and the teachers' caring to them, so that they could still feel ease and concentrate on their study and internship at their hometown.

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