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Take students as basis and health as the supreme

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Take students as basis and health as the supreme

On the morning of March 20th, our school, together with the second people's hospital of Guiyang city and the Yeyatang hospital of Guanshanhu district, set up a service point to establish health records for teachers and students free of charge and carry out tuberculosis test.

The school adheres to the concept of "student-based and health first", establishes health records for all teachers and students and carries out tuberculosis tests, which fully reflects the school's great importance to the physical and mental health of teachers and students.The establish health records, to carry out the TB test is an important part of school spring patriotic health activities, the school will undertake activities likekeep our school clean, stop smoking, body training camp, running as heroect., to increase the intensity of campus environment health work, and improve the teachers and students living and learning environment, improve the teachers and students physical and mental quality.

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