Brief introduction of Guizhou Radio and TV University
Guizhou Radioand TV University (GZTVU) was founded in 1979. It is one of the nine provincial universities of Guizhou, and is a new style comprehensive university of distance education using information technology in the province. It has been built as a three-level distance educational network including the main campus, 9 branch schools, schools in vocational sections, and 87 work stations or learning centers at county level.
There are three campuses of GZTVU locating at Bageyan Road, Yuntannan Road in Jinyang district, and Yan’anxi Road. The total area is more than 500 mu. The main campus is at 138 Bageyan Road, which mainly conducts modern distance education, higher education for adults, continuing education, and network education. There are more than 150 majors at college and university level. It has built the largest distance education networking in Guizhou connecting satellites, broadcast and TV, computer network. It has also built distance visual teaching system in both the main campus and 13 other learning centers with its mega-bite capacity of network. There are 380000 books including electronic books, 170 full-time teachers, including 54 teachers with higher position title and 77 with master’s degree. There are 70000 students, 247000 graduates, over 1000000 students for continuing training until 2011, and 17000 enrolled in the provincial cadre training institute. GZTVU has played a great role in increasing the gross rate of entering school, realizing widespread higher education, and has been a backbone of modern distance education and lifetime education in Guizhou.
Within its history of 32 years, GZTVU has trained a large amount of talents of application type, whom are acceptable by the society and employers. It has won several prizes for its outstanding achievement in various aspects issued by both provincial and national education divisions.
Following the economic development, the founding of a lifetime education system, and the development of study-oriented society, GZTVU is transforming according to the mid and long term educational reform and development plan of Guizhou (2010-2020). It will be built as a first-class modern distance university with its nationally famous cadre online training institute. Moreover, it will take great effort to build Guizhou branch of the national open university, by which it will benefit the economic and social development of Guizhou.

Address: No.138,Bageyan Road,Yunyan District,Guiyang, Guizhou Province, 550004, the People’s Republic of China.

Office Tel: +86-851-4129705/4827371/4129708

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