The History of Guizhou Radio and TV University


On February 26th,1978, Deng XiaoPing, ex-chairman of China, signed the Report of Establishing Guizhou Radio and TV University presented by Education Ministry and Central Radio Bureau, and agreed to establish Guizhou Radio and TV University. On March 10th, 1979, Guizhou Revolutionary Committee agreed to establish Guizhou Radio and TV University.

On February 6th, 1979, Guizhou Radio and TV University started to recruit students.

From 1979 to 1999, Guizhou Radio and TV University has gone through the hard times, experienced difficulties and met challenges and finally made great achievements with creative spirits. It has played a very important role in cultivating talents in the early stage of realizing open policy, and it is a developing distance education open university.

In 1992, Guizhou Radio and TV University was awarded Advanced School of National Higher Education for Adults. In 1997, it was awarded the National Excellent Institution of Higher Educational Institution Evaluation.


From 2000 on, with the help of Guizhou Provincial Committee, Guizhou Provincial Government and Guizhou Provincial Education Department, Guizhou Radio and TV University fully takes advantage of the opportunities of developing distance education and higher education, it has achieved great success.

The university’s fundamental construction has changed a great deal, marked by the foundation of modern distance education building, the transformation of teaching experiment building and the accomplishment of beautifying campus. Modern fundamental facilities and teachings are continuously improving. With the construction and use of Networks Project II, it has initially constructed talent-cultivating mode, teaching mode, management mode and operating mode. It makes full use of other universities’ good resources to provide the students with good services for their automatic learning and also offers support to teaching. It has also taken a series of faculty cultivation measures, so the teaching management, scientific research and technology faculty’s quality has been improved a lot. Besides, it has conducted “55585” project and five ones project and system construction has been greatly improved. It also won some honors. During the tenth five-year plan period, totally 13 provincial scientific research projects were praised. Of theses ten projects, three of them won the first prize, three of them won the second prize and seven of them won the third prize. From 2000 to 2005. the teachers has published over 160 theses on adult education. The schooling scale has increased 2.46 times during the tenth five-year plan period than that in the ninth five-year plan period, and the number of the students has increased 30,000. During the tenth five-year plan period, Guizhou Radio and TV University has invested 1.5 billion yuan in total, which is 4.06 times as much as the total investment of the past 25 years. During the tenth five-year plan period, Guizhou Radio and TV University successfully passed mid-evaluation of education ministry’s experimental project. Its comprehensive university running capacity has been greatly improved. And the university’s development has reached a new level.

In November 2001, Guizhou Provincial Government approved to merge Guizhou Foreign Trade School into Guizhou Radio and TV University.

3.Further Development

With the accomplishment of Project I and II of Jinyang Campus and the establishment of Guizhou Vocational Institution, the university has qualified for running a regular higher education institute, which has broadened the development of the university and laid a firm foundation for the sustainable development of the university.

Due to the development during the tenth five-year plan period, especially the development in the 11th five-year plan period, the land area of the university has increased from 20 hectares to over 5oo hectares, and the floor space has increased from 10,000km to over 18,000km. And the three campuses has been founded, its geographical distribution is reasonable and its facilities are modern and well-equipped.

4.Leaders of Guizhou Radio and TV University

(1) Ex-party sectaries and presidents.

Cheng YunVice Director of Guizhou Provincial Education Department & President (1979-1981)

Wang Bingjun Vice Povincial Governor & President (1981-1984)

Xun Caidong Vice Povincial Governor & President(1984-1988)

Wu Qitang Pary Sectary (1984-1993)

Meng Wen President (1988-1992)

Shi Hongzhi President (1992-1995), Party Sectary (1993-1999)

Yang He President (1995-1999)

Shen zhengdong Party Sectary & President (1999-2000)

(2) Ex-Vice Party Sectary and vice president

Zhang Guangrong Vice Director of Preparation Group (1979-1981)

Xiao Xianrong Vice President (1986-2003)

Chen Shiping Vice Pary Sectary (1986-1999)

Zhao Yunqian Vice Pary Sectary & Vice President (1989-1992)

Chen Chaogang Vice President (1992-1995)

Liu Shiguang Vice President (1999-2004)

Wu Zhuxing Vice President (1999-2005)

Lv Hong Inspection Party Sectary (1999-2005)

Zhu YongmeiVice Inspector (2004-2010)

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