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Secretary Sun Zhigang, Governor Shen Yiqin observes the professional on-site teaching of drones

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On May 5, 2019, the general symposium of the important speech of the General Youth Xi Jinping of Guizhou Province in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement was held at Guizhou Radio and Television University. Before the symposium, Sun Zhigang, secretary of the provincial party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, provincial governor Qi Qin, director of the provincial party committee propaganda department Mu Degui, and secretary of the provincial party committee Liu Jie went to the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering to observe On-site teaching of human-machine application technology. Secretary Sun Zhigang and the Governor of Qinqin carefully asked the professional teachers about the employment direction of the professional students. In particular, the professional can develop and manufacture agricultural plant protection, photogrammetry, environmental monitoring, electric power inspection, fire protection, disaster relief, and drones in Guizhou. We have given high recognition to the cultivation of practical and high-quality technical and skilled talents.  


On the morning of May 5, Zhu Xinwu, deputy secretary of the Education Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary of the Provincial Department of Education, Zhao Tingchang, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and the delegation of the Provincial Party Committee, accompanied by the school party secretary Wang Aihua and the principal Li Wei and other school leaders inspected the electromechanical and The UAV booth of the School of Energy Engineering, and the drone flight was watched live. .  


Get off from the training base, along the steps, the introduction of the training base on the wall attracted the attention of Secretary Sun Zhigang and the Governor of the Qinqin. Entering the ancient law to build a training base, a lively training course is underway. Secretary Sun Zhigang and the Governor of Qinqin watched the works of students at various stages with great interest. The Governor of Qinqin pointed out the work of the students and said to the secretary of Sun Zhigang, "From the works, after learning here, the technology has improved. Mr. Jiang Xiaohua, the host of the training base, carefully reported the construction situation and teaching situation of the training base to the secretary of Sun Zhigang and the governor of Qinqin. When he saw the teaching model of the Drum Tower, the Dome Arch and the Drum Tower construction video, Sun Zhigang’s secretary And the governor of the piano said happily, "This is very good!"

"How long have you been studying this?"

"How long does it take for you to make such a flower board?"

"What materials do you use for these panels?"

“Where is your carving technique learning?”

“How is the student’s employment situation?”

Secretary Sun Zhigang carefully examined the construction of the training room and asked students about their studies and employment.

Student Zhang Yu answered the questions raised by Secretary Sun Zhigang one by one.

When I know that most of the students are from remote mountainous areas, after three years of hard work, they can master a professional skill, graduates can find a decent job, and when there is a stable income, Secretary Sun Zhigang happily nods.  


After listening to the classmates’ answers, Secretary Sun Zhigang said kindly to the classmates, “You should combine modern machine carvings when learning hand-carving. This will be better. It preserves both traditional craftsmanship and modern craftsmanship. Greatly improved."

Zhang Yuqian’s classmate replied loudly, “Please ask the governor of the secretary to rest assured that we must not only find a good job, but also participate in the beautiful rural construction and ancient village protection in our hometown, contributing to our efforts to promote poverty.”

Secretary Sun Zhigang and Governor Xu Qinqin nodded with approval.

Secretary Sun Zhigang and Governor Zhang Qin and his entourage left the school, but the concern of the secretary and the governor for young students and the concern for vocational education made the Guizhou TV University unable to calm down for a long time. Zhang Yuqian’s classmates said with excitement, “The time for my exchanges with Secretary Sun Zhigang and the Governor of Qinqin is short, but it is inspiring! We must keep in mind the secrets of the secretary and the governor, carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, and strive to build a new era. Combining handicrafts with modern scientific and technological means, opening up more industrial space and employment space, and striving for Guizhou to win the battle against poverty."  




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